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I own a lot of books - a lot. I saw all of these blog challenges and thought that would be a good way to get motivated to read some of the books that I bought forever ago, but never really read. This year, I will be participating in the British Book Challenge and the TBR Challenge. I'm excited to make a dent in my own books!

My first step is to take a complete inventory of my books.
This will take some time, I am sure. I may reveal this number, I may not. It depends on how high it is.

Then, I will develop a strategy.

So, how did I obtain an overwhelming number of books that I have not read?

First of all, I have no specific genre. I will read anything that sounds interesting. This creates time issues, as tons of new books come out every week. I do mostly read Teen fiction... but I usually don't BUY Teen fiction. I read those books so fast that I get them from the library.

Which brings me to the second reason. I buy the non-Teen books to ensure that I will have enough time to finish them. But I love the Teen books so much more that I CHOOSE to read those first, because they are more fun. So the non-Teen books sit on my shelf, while the library books get read.

The third reason I have so many books is because I worked at Bookstore for a year and a half, maybe two years. It was so much fun! The best part (besides the awesome people): I got to see all the new stuff that came out. The worst part: I got to see all the new stuff that came out. Also, I got a GREAT discount, and therefore bought way too much. I got lost - I bought stuff that I wanted to read, not stuff that I wanted to own forever. I couldn't make the distinction. It's a rush, buying books, isn't it? 

Another thing about working in bookstores -- ARCs are everywhere. They are free. You never know if it'll be totally awesome. Why not take it? It's that kind of reasoning that leads you to own a bookshelf's worth of ARCs. That's why you shouldn't take it. Unfortunately, I discovered that too late. Oops.

Looking back, I should have only obtained books as I had time to read them. In college, I never had time to read fun books and that made me sad. So I bought books anyway with every intention of reading them soon. It hardly ever happened. This is where the itty-bitty snowball started... then came the Bookstore... now I am here. 

Hopefully, the snowball will start to get a little smaller.

I guarantee you, though, that I will buy more books as the challenge goes on. I can't help it.

Wish me luck,