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Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Books I just HAD to buy… But are still sitting on my bookshelf

10.The Moon-Spinners – Mary Stewart I read this book when I was young after I saw the Hayley Mills movie. I liked both and wanted to re-read the book – but it was gone from the library! I immediately went and bought it… and still haven’t re-read it.

This was a good deal! Two books for $7.99. I couldn’t pass that opportunity up! Too bad I never read them…

This book was all Hitchcock-y so I knew I needed to read it – IMMEDIATELY! I put it on hold at the bookstore to make sure I got it and on my bookshelf it sits.

I love fairy tales re-told. This is an essential read for anyone who does. Except I still haven’t read it, even though I ordered it online since the bookstore didn’t have it in.

My friend raved about these books, but her mom was reading her copies. I saw the box set was on sale, I had a coupon, it was mine! I still can’t tell her what I think about them because they are still unread.

I loved Water for Elephants! It’s my favorite book. So I was very excited about Sara Gruen’s new book. I didn’t buy it in hardcover, so I bought it in paperback, and I still haven’t read it. I am a bad fan.

4. Overbite – Meg Cabot I read Insatiable and enjoyed it. I love Meg Cabot – she’s my favorite author. I collect her books, in hardcover if possible, and read them immediately. I must have wanted to re-read Insatiable and just never gotten to it.

3. Abandon – Meg Cabot I have no excuse for not reading this one yet. I don’t know why. It’s sitting there, waiting for me. What’s worse is that this one is out in paperback, and Overbite will be soon too, if it’s not already. Horrible.

2. Wolves of Mercy Falls 2 and 3 – Maggie Stiefvater I have even read The Scorpio Races (which was amazing and you should read immediately, by the way.) I have no idea why these are still sitting on my bookshelf. Bad. Awful!

1. My Lucky Life in and out of Show Business This is a sad book story, so prepare yourself. Awhile back, I bought this book as soon as it came out. I love Dick Van Dyke and I was super excited to read his story. So I decided I was going to start it and bring it to work and read it during my lunch hours. Then I found out my grandpa died and therefore was having a bad day. I was running late for work so I grabbed a leftover container of soup. I looked at it, and thought, “This lid looks like it could pop off. I should be careful.” So I carefully wedged it into a corner of my bag, carefully walked down the stairs to my car and then threw my bag onto the passenger seat (probably not so carefully.)

Anyhow, halfway to work, I thought, “My car smells like vomit.” Then I thought, “You know, vomit and soup smell a lot a like.” Then I thought, “Soup.” That’s right, it spilled all over everything in my bag. Mr. Van Dyke’s book got the worst of it. It didn’t help my sadness or my day.  Now it’s sitting on my table. I don’t really want to look at it or smell it. I want a new copy! I’m going to try and save it after the fact. Someday. I don’t think it’ll help any. I managed to save my copy of Persuasion and the library book and my nook. So it could have been worse, right?