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The Boy Book

The Boy Book
By E. Lockhart
Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2006
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
Here is how things stand at the beginning of newly-licensed driver Ruby Oliver's junior year at Tate Prep:

 • Kim: Not speaking. But far away in Tokyo.
 • Cricket: Not speaking.
 • Nora: Speaking--sort of. Chatted a couple times this summer when they bumped into each other outside of school--once shopping in the U District, and once in the Elliot Bay Bookstore. But she hadn't called Ruby, or anything.
 • Noel: Didn't care what anyone thinks.
 • Meghan: Didn't have any other friends.
 • Dr. Z: Speaking.
 • And Jackson. The big one. Not speaking.

But, by Winter Break, a new job, an unlikely but satisfying friend combo, additional entries to The Boy Book and many difficult decisions help Ruby to see that there is, indeed, life outside the Tate Universe.

I was so proud of Roo. She's really growing. Awwww. I liked this one better than the first. Some issues from the first book got resolved, and there were a lot less footnotes (a very smart move indeed.) I liked Ruby as a person a lot more in this one, too. I think it's because of everything she's learned. She would be a very frustrating character if she never changed. I was proud of Meghan's progress, also. As soon as I finished, I wanted to pick up the third one, but it'll have to wait until Monday. Rats.