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Top Ten Tuesday 3

Books I would hand to someone who says they don't like to read:

I had to do this all the time at the bookstore. Usually, the person that the customer is buying for is not present. This makes everything so much harder, because the customer ends up shopping for something THE CUSTOMER wants, not what the recipient would want. What you have to do is find something the recipient is interested in and then find a book about it. I like to find books that are fun. It's hard to find an actual novel when the person isn't there to talk to. Books are books - as long as people are reading, it's good.

So, based on bookseller experience, here are my choices for older teens (in no particular order):

The Movie is coming out soon.
Everyone who hasn't read it yet is reading it now.
It's a good, fast read. I recommend it to everyone.

This book was SCARY! Who wouldn't want to read a good, scary book?
It's another fast read, if you're brave enough.

How many movies have YOU seen already?
Did they remember to include your all-time favorite?

Does someone else share the same secret as you? 
Some are hilarious, some are heart-breaking.

If you have ever been to the Midwest, you will see exactly how accurate this book is. 
Dressy sweats, anyone?

Oops. Pictures of cakes that didn't turn out quite right.

These are HILARIOUS! Such a fun book.
It makes your own family photos a lot less embarrassing.

Fairy tales retold, but in a graphic novel format.

Another graphic novel. I liked this one. The ghost totally had me fooled!

I think if older teens gave this one a chance they would love it!
Tweens already do.