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Epic Fail

Epic Fail
By Claire LaZebnik
HarperTeen, 2011
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
In this modern take on "Pride and Prejudice," Elise Benton, who has just moved to California, is a junior at an exclusive prep school where, in spite of her initial bad impression, she finds herself attracted to the moody and handsome son of Hollywood's most famous celebrity couple.

Pride and Prejudice AND a teen novel! Two of my favorite things in one! I've read other Jane Austen retellings, but I really enjoyed this one... Maybe because it's the first teen one I have read. I wasn't disappointed a bit. They left out some of the story, but it's an interpretation, so it didn't bother me.

The only annoying thing about this book was the characters shouting, "Fail!" I don't know anyone who does that. It was like they were hitting me over the head with the title.  I could have figured it out from the first one. (If they would have picked a different title, it would have been nice, too.) Anyway, I really liked Mr. Darcy, I still liked Lizzie, and they made Jane's character perfect. I loved how the author incorporated modern technology into the story. If Jane Austen would have written it today and about teenagers, this is what I imagine it would be like. Enjoy!