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Love and Leftovers

Love and Leftovers
By Sarah Tregay
Katherine Tegan Books, 2011
Audience: Older Teens

From Goodreads:
"Love and Leftovers" is a powerfully written debut novel that chronicles one teen's journey navigating family, friends, and love.

That's not much of a description, huh? Well this book, written in verse, starts out with Marcie living in New Hampshire, even though she is from Idaho. Her parents split, and she's stuck in New Hampshire longer than she planned. She has a lot to deal with, and that results in some bad decisions. Marcie seems to forget that she will go back to Idaho someday.

I've never understood cheating myself. This book tried to explain why someone would cheat. I think that most relationships that have cheating happen in them don't end like a fairy tale, which is what seemed to happen here. That bothered me. The thing is, the cheater took responsibility for what happened. That helped. Some grown-ups don't even do that. I don't get how everything worked out perfectly in the end, so it's not my favorite book. But it did teach me something about something I don't understand, and that's what good writing is about, right?

Overall, I enjoyed reading it.