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Cover Similarities

I see a lot of book covers day in and day out. I've started to notice some that look similar. Mostly, I notice them after I have read one of the titles. 

Relatively Honest vs. Epic Fail

Relatively Honest: Gray jeans, dark shirt, dark jeans pink shirt. Holding hands.
Epic Fail: Dark jeans, gray shirt, dark jeans, pink shirt. Tearing a card in half.

Love and Leftovers vs. The Boyfriend Thief

Love and LeThese aren't as similar to each other as I thought they were when I saw them separately. 
But still pretty close.

Fallen vs. Haunting Violet

Which one doesn't belong?

The Night Circus vs. Circus Galacticus

 This is another one that struck me as more similar until I put them right next to each other.
They're both about the circus, they both have red and white and black.
They both have stars in the background. 

What do you think about these? 
Have you noticed any similar covers?