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Thoughts on Plagiarism - A Reaction

I never even thought about plagiarism happening with this blog when I started it. Not. Once. I never thought of it happening to me, or anyone, because I would never plagiarize someone else. There's been a big stink about this in the YA book-blogging world lately. People are taking sides, and it's getting ugly. It scared me. I don't want anyone stealing my ideas! I didn't "pick a side" when it happened, because I wasn't involved.

In the past, I did visit this site about once a week and posted on a meme that she ran frequently. I will no longer be posting on this meme. I don't want to give her easy access to my thoughts, whether she is guilty or not of what she has been accused of. (I am honestly scared of being a part of ANY meme. I am not super excited about having tons of followers, either. Good thing I don't have a super-huge following, yet.)


Because this particular blogger posted a review of the same book as one that I reviewed. She didn't use my words and alter them, like she allegedly did to the people who accused her of plagiarism, but she thought the exact same thing about the book as me. I didn't have anything to accuse her of, because her review was written very differently. Also, I didn't have a pmetrics account then. (I do now!)

But I google-searched the title under the blog option, and no one else thought the same thing as me. At all. Only one other person didn't like it very much. Everyone else had positive things to say. And each review was very different from all the others.

In her review, only half of it was somewhat similar. I doubt she did anything. However, from the blogs that I follow, this is the only one that I have noticed that has posted a review AFTER I posted my review. It was probably just a coincidence. But it was enough to scare me silly. Now, I'll admit, I am slightly paranoid. I am glad all this went down before I had blogged for a long time, because now I know what to do and how to protect my work.

I'll keep blogging because I want to look back on books that I have reviewed. But I probably won't be posting on as many memes. I'll check my pmetrics often. Also, I won't be as worried about having a ton of followers. I am doing this because books are fun. Not for free stuff (which I have not been offered yet.) I used to look forward to the day when I got an ARC - not because it was free, but because it was SPECIAL. I would get to read a book BEFORE anyone else! How exciting is that? Now, I don't think about it as much, because that's not what it's about.

I used to think of this whole YA-blogging thing as more of a book club than a competition. Now, I don't know. It makes me sad.

All of this started with challenges, which I haven't exactly been... doing. Ahem. But I had GOOD INTENTIONS to work on my TBR pile and British books. And I still have time! So I will keep blogging for now, and telling you about the great library books that I read instead of my own!

Wish me luck!