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Top Ten Tuesday: Totally Deceiving

Top Ten Tuesday: Deception
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This is a pretty cool cover. But it looks like it would take place in the past, or somewhere creepy. It doesn't. It's pretty normal and it's nothing like the cover. No one wears anything like that if I remember correctly. They should have used a butterfly. (I didn't really like this one. It dragged out too much and I didn't want to have to keep buying stuff! It could have been so good. Just like the cover.)

I understand the cover is symbolic. I still don't think it matches the book.

This cover matches the spirit of the book, but it doesn't really tell you what it's about. I still love the book though.

 Just because a cover has a vampire on it and literal stuff from the plot on the cover doesn't make it good. I like the HBO trade paperback covers best. The cover isn't as cool as the story.

 Another symbolic cover. I still don't like it.

 This cover and the description were both deceiving. I thought she would struggle more with finding a guy and adjusting to being in a relationship. She was fine with it. She went from 0-60 it seemed. It spent too little time on what the description emphasized.

This looks like a cute romance novel. There's more to it than that, and romance isn't the main theme, like it is on the cover.

I thought this story was supposed to be about Kendra, the girl on the cover. She interjected sometimes, but it was mostly a retelling of the Cinderella story with some random fairy tales thrown in. I really liked the twist on the Cinderella story, even if I didn't necessarily like the style. 

What an amazing book. The cover is cool in itself, but it doesn't look like I imaged the character. Also, it's from a boy's perspective.

Do you think this looks like a retelling of Pride and Prejudice? Me neither. I almost didn't read the back, but I am so glad that I did. It was a great book! The cover just is underwhelming.