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Anya's Ghost (Re-read)

Anya's Ghost
By Vera Brosgol
First Second, 2011
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
Anya could really use a friend. But her new BFF isn’t kidding about the “Forever” part...

Of all the things Anya expected to find at the bottom of an old well, a new friend was not one of them. Especially not a new friend who’s been dead for a century.

Falling down a well is bad enough, but Anya’s normal life might actually be worse. She’s embarrassed by her family, self-conscious about her body, and she’s pretty much given up on fitting in at school. A new friend—even a ghost—is just what she needs.

This one was a re-read for me. I liked it just as much the second time around, which says something. There's a surprise in this book, and even though I knew it was coming, it was still a fun read. That says something. I can't tell you how many times I had to read Persepolis in college. The first time, I liked it. The second time, I was glad I re-read it because it helped on the test. I got sick of it around the third and fourth time. (I had it as assigned reading in more than one class.) I don't think I would have that problem with Anya's Ghost.


  1. I loved this one.

    BTW, do you read mangas as well? Or, just OEL GNs?

  2. I have never really tried Mangas, no. I don't know which ones I would like. I'll have to give them a try someday! Do you recommend any in particular?


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