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By Hallie Fryd
Zest Books, 2012
Audience: Older Teens

From Goodreads:
Do you love a good scandal? This book includes 50 juicy pop culture, political, and entertainment-related scandals complete with photos, event synopses, and a look at why it went down in history and how it continues to influence us today. Other features include famous quotes and a section on where the players are now. Teens will get the dish on: 

Milli Vanilli’s lip-syncing 
the Clinton-Lewinsky affair 
the Biggie and Tupac murders 
the Kent State shooting 
the OJ Simpson Murder trial 
Patty Hearst’s kidnapping 
And more!

This book had some obvious typos. I never noticed errors when I'm reading, so that says something. 

Now that that's out of the way, this book was interesting. I would have liked to hear about more events from earlier in history. It was interesting to learn about scandalous stuff from way back when. History books usually leave that out. The best thing about this book was that it explained how each scandal affected the rest of history. 

Also, I liked the fact that it covered some events that happened when I was too young to watch the news. I had heard about them, but I missed a lot of the details and didn't know why they were important. Everything happened too recently to be included in history books. Scandalous filled in the blanks. 

Everything was written in a teen-appropriate manner. It was very well done.