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Island Girls (And Boys)

Island Girls (And Boys)
By Rachel Hawthorne
Harper Teen, 2005
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
From the author of "Caribbean Cruising" comes another novel of summer romance. Jen and her two best friends plan to live together for the summer, along with a couple of boys, three or four pets, and something Jen doesn't expect--true love.

Holy smokes, this book was way better than Caribbean Cruising. I can tell how much she developed as a writer. The editing was so much better and the story was way more interesting. I liked how a lot of issues that happen in college came up. Book lesson: Don't ever live with your best friends. 

This was still a light and fluffy read, don't get me wrong. I would compare it to a marshmallow. I don't feel like I got to know the boys very well at all. That part was missing for me. However, I did enjoy the love story. The only problem was that Jen never had to face any consequences for all of the things her grandparents would probably not want in their house (the boys, the animals, the parties.) Another thing - her personality changed quickly, too. She did a bit of a 180 as far as attitude goes. What saved that was that she REALIZED how quickly she changed.

Long story short, read this one, skip the other one.

I plan on reading more Rachel Hawthorne, so stay tuned for The Boyfriend League and Thrill Ride!