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New Books, Still Overwhelmed

The Sunday Post

Oh boy.
Yesterday, I went to a really good second-hand bookstore in order to complete a collection of a series I own. (Ok, so it's the Stephanie Plum series. I was missing Four to Score. Sigh. They're fun books, what can I say? I know they're all the same. That's why they're so wonderful. I know what to expect. Anyway.)

I knew full well ahead of time that this was a really good used-book store. Sigh. I knew I shouldn't have gone. But I've been looking for Four to Score for a long time and I saw in their computerized inventory that they had it.

So this is what I walked out with:

I almost got this one, too, because it was a good deal and in good shape, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Maybe next time. It's good to know that I have a tiny bit of self-control.

And yes, I do feel guilty. Sigh.