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Top Ten Character Switcharoos

Top Ten Characters You Would Switch Places With
(for 24 hours)
Top Ten Tuesday
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Princess Mia - because of Michael! And who hasn't wanted to be a princess? This way, I could be one and still be awkward. Perfect.

I would pick the 24 hours in which Nancy was NOT chloroformed or kidnapped or knocked out.
I have always wanted to solve a mystery, and I would get to keep my hair color.

I immediately thought of Jane Austen characters, because they have amazing love stories.
Then I thought about the lack of transportation and indoor plumbing.
How about Lizzie's character in a modern version of Pride and Prejudice?
Yes, please.

I would get to see Australia and be an artist and learn about graffiti. Cool!

I would get to TRAVEL. I am way too much of a coward to backpack in real life. This would be good.

Paris. St. Clair. That's all.

Great clothes. Cricket. That's all.

Gilbert. Who cares about the lack of modern conveniences when he's around? Not me.

Time travel! And I don't recall her going through anything too terribly traumatic. I hope I'm not blocking something out.

(Am I taking this topic too literally/seriously?)

I would pick the 24 hours where she does NOT embarrass herself.
Wait, can she go that long without doing something stupid?


Who did everyone else pick?!


  1. I def. should read Anna and the French Kiss. Everyone seems to want to switch with her & I do understand why. Love and Paris. Who doesn't want that? :)

  2. I had Mia too! I've got to read Anna and the French Kiss too, she has popped up on a lot of lists today. My TTT

  3. Wow we do have a lot of characters in common!! Great list!! Being able to travel would be cool, I gotta read that book!

  4. I've been meaning to pick up Ruby Red for a while now. I'm really into historicals lately.

    Great picks & thanks for sharing. :)


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