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The Boyfriend League

The Boyfriend League
By Rachel Hawthorne
HarperTeen, 2007
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
From the author of the irresistible beach reads "Caribbean Cruising" and "Thrill Ride" comes a book ideal for a lazy day at the ball park--the story of a girl who searches for romance among the boys of summer.

So, this time around Goodreads didn't have a very good description. Here's mine: Dani REALLY wants a boyfriend, so she hatches a plan - convince her family to become hosts to one of the baseball players. After Dani promises that she wouldn't date the player they are hosting, her parents agreed. Dani wasn't planning on dating him anyway, she wanted to make friends with him and then have him introduce her to hot guys.

Unfortunately, she falls for the player they are hosting (imagine that.) It creates a problem, especially since she's seeing another player, Mac. (Who is easily distracted by Dani's sister.)

It was a good book, mostly because it didn't take a lot of effort for everyone to sort everything out. I liked how it ended. It's Rachel Hawthorne's best yet (that I've read.) This character was hardly shallow at all! I'm excited to move on from the summery books to the winter books. The best thing about her books is that they're quick, romantic reads.