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Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Bookish Confessions

1. It all started in college... I had zero time to read for fun. The only time I could fit fun books in was during winter break and summer break. So whenever I saw a good deal at a bookstore, I bought a book that I was worried I would forget about. Then I graduated, and I began working at a bookstore -- where I got a fabulous discount. I was surrounded by books and had two jobs -- and little time to read. So now I have TOO MANY BOOKS on my shelf that I need to read. That's how this blog was born. I'm doing better than I did at first. I have developed a system and am doing slightly better, and I only have one job and way more time to read. Hooray!

2. I hate dog-eared pages.

3. I check out more library books than I can read in the allowed time. I am doing better with this, too. Other people would love to read those titles while they are just sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to read them.

4. If I want to see a movie based on the book, I have to read the book first. If I watch the movie first, I probably won't read the book. I still haven't seen Atonement or The Lovely Bones because of this. I need to work on that.

5. I can't bring myself to watch Water for Elephants because I'm worried it'll ruin my favorite book.

6. I flutter the pages and crack the book. It drives some people nuts. I can't help it. It gets worse when I'm really enjoying the story because I'm not monitoring my bad habit.

7. I hate broken spines. I like my books to be in as good of a condition as completely possible.

8. I'm planning my bookshelves that I will have in my house one day. I have several good ideas on my pinterest. Permanent bookshelves are what I'm most looking forward to when I own my own house.

9. If I want to go somewhere in the world, chances are I read about that place in a book. That's what made me want to see it.

10. No matter what I'm doing, most of the time I'd rather be reading.

What are YOUR bookish confessions?
Does anyone else do the same things as me?


  1. I tend to check out too many books at the library too. I'm getting better though.

    Oh, I have my dream bookshelves all planned out too! I thought every book lover did that lol.

    Great list! :)

  2. You def. need to read The Lovely Bones (the movie not so much). I like your little story you put for #1!! I could NEVER work at a bookstore, my whole house would be filled if I did!

    My TTT

  3. The Lovely Bones movie was great :) Love your confessions!

    my TTT


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