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Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Romances That Would Make it in the Real World

Nancy and Ned
I know that they break up in the books from the '80s and '90s, but in the original series, they would have been together - and happy - forever.

Tristran and Yvaine wouldn't have made it in the literal real world because you know, she's a star, but if you put their PERSONALITIES in the real world... Sigh.

Yes, it occurred to me to put down Elizabeth and Darcy. However, in the real world, where the divorce rate is, like 1 in 3, they would have started bickering and never stopped and one of them would have gotten sick of it and left. I know, blasphemy, but it was my worst-case scenario (Please don't hate me.)

Anne and Wentworth had been through so much already. I feel that they can make it through anything. Persuasion was more real-world than fairy tale, like Pride and Prejudice was. I think that Anne and Wentworth would have made it through their worst-case scenario.

But we should move on, because I started to think about Catherine and Lydia and Emma and I could write a paper on this, so NEXT BOOK.

Oooo Sean and Puck. Their relationship was similar to Elizabeth and Darcy's, I think... But in a quieter, less intense way.

Stephanie Perkins. Nuff said.

Gilbert and Anne... He likes her even though she's skinny, has freckles, talks to much and reads all the time. And he WAITED for her. He doesn't mind her romantic notions and she got over her ideal.

Hands and Kitsy... They stayed together even though she went away for a month. 
*SPOILER ALERT* I know at the end, they promise they won't give up their dreams to follow each other. So, if they focus on that, they probably won't make it forever in the literal sense. BUT - it will make the other person happy, and what's love if not doing what's right for each other?

What a crazy story. You'd have to stay together after going through something like that together!

Um, yeah, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny!?! Duh.

And the Time Traveler's Wife -- What a sweeping love story. They were meant to be together.


  1. Great list. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger would make it for real! They are perfect for each other.
    It would be so sad and depressing if Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth would split up in real life. Pfff. :)

  2. Yes Yes Yes Sean and Puck. Maggie Stiefvader writes the ultimate romantic couples- including one on our TTT :-) Check it out!

  3. Awesome picks! I definitely agree with your choices of the Harry Potter couples. :) I really need to start reading The Scorpio Races. I've had it on my shelf for a long time now! (:

  4. Ahhh, Stephanie Perkins has the best romances.. :D Love your list!

    My Top Ten


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