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I have a confession...
I have been "reading" two books for a year.
It's bothering me, but I can't bring myself to finish them!

The first one is Let the Right One In. I heard it was an awesome vampire story. Every one who reviewed it said it was dark and creepy, in a serious way, but incredibly good and scary.

No one told me about the pedophile.
I got disgusted and upset, not scared.

I bought it, so I feel like I should give it another chance. I feel like taking it off of my currently-reading list is giving up.

The second is Sense and Sensibility.
It's the only Jane Austen novel that I haven't read. I was reading it for book club, but then I found out that I couldn't make it to the meeting time, so I just... quit. I am determined to finish this one. I just need to pick it up again.

Let the Right One In -- not so determined.

Has anyone else been in this situation?
Did you give up and move on?