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Top Ten Oldies but Goodies

 Top Ten Tuesday
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"Don't You... Forget About Me..."

Older books I'm afraid of being forgotten

I work at a library. Therefore, a lot of featured titles are books that I love that are currently being weeded. Why, I do not know, because they were SO GOOD. This is a long post, just to warn you, because these are titles (and a subject) that I feel strongly about.

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Joan Lowery Nixon is awesome. Every book was so predictable and fantastic. Most took place in Texas, there was a cool teenage girl who has an interesting mystery to solve, and she always meets a cute BOY! What's not to love? Most of her books are getting weeded from our library every year. Oh, the sadness. If only I could save them! My personal favorite: The Name of the Game was Murder.

Meg Cabot
I put this book on every display that I possibly can and I don't think it's checked out once. I think the book has been overshadowed by the movie. Everyone has seen the movie, and it is nothing like the book. Why would people give the book a chance when they've seen the movie 12,000 times? I don't want people to forget about The Princess Diaries series!
David Patneaude
I remember very little about the plot, but I do remember it was a mystery and I absolutely COULD NOT put it down. It blew my mind. So good. I doubt people would pick it up nowadays. Maybe a new cover would help?

Rob Thomas
I know what you're thinking -- Since when does the guy from Matchbox Twenty write YA literature?
NO! Not this Rob Thomas.

This Rob Thomas, creator of one of the best TV shows ever, Veronica Mars, also wrote one of the best Teen books of all time. If you haven't read it, GO GET IT ASAP. They're reissuing it. I believe it has been out of print and it's coming out in October. You need it. Trust me.

Stephanie S. Tolan
Who's There was SO SCARY! I LOVED being scared by this book. When I was younger, one of my favorite types of books was a good ghost story. Not the stupid ones, but the ones that kept me up at night - those were the absolute BEST. 

Lois Duncan
Some of her titles have shown up on weed lists, but I think we just have too many copies. She still checks out, but only in October. She wrote some of the best YA books out there. Really. If you haven't read her, read one of these two. Don't get distracted by I Know What You Did Last Summer.
Trust me.

Margaret Peterson Haddix
This one is an irrational fear. I don't think this author's books are going anywhere ever, but still, I liked this one so much that I worry. I really do. Anytime a grade-school girl needs a chapter book recommendation, this is what I hand her. And so far, she has ALWAYS taken it.

Mary Downing Hahn
This is another irrational fear. Kids still come in and ask for her books. I wish I had kept track of how many times I read Time for Andrew. I love, love, loved it. Also, Wait Till Helen Comes is one of the rare ghost stories that kept me up at night. Fantastic.

Ann M. Martin
Duh. Who didn't absolutely love The Baby-Sitters Club? And remember the TV series? I don't know when it aired, but I watched the videos from the library, and they were great! Oh, man and the MOVIE. I watched it over and over. They re-released updated versions of the series, but they didn't sell at my bookstore, and they still don't check out. Sadness. People my age have started to come in looking for it to give to their young friends, and are appalled when I tell them it's gone. I'm so glad I have my set. I will NOT part with it.

And who didn't try to start their OWN babysitters club? For me, there was just one problem - I went to too many babysitter prep classes. When they started telling us what to do if one of your charges accidentally chopped of his or her finger, I was out. Never baby-sat anyone but my brother and sister. They never lost an appendage, thank goodness.

Carolyn Keene
Do you have any idea how I felt when I found out that Carolyn Keene wasn't a PERSON? It was a fake name for the creator of the series, and each book is by a different author. I was horrified. It wasn't RIGHT - but it did explain why some of the Nancy Drew books were so much better than some others. 

My favorite Nancy Drew series, The Nancy Drew Files and Nancy Drew On Campus, are weeded from the library, but oh, how I loved them. I understand the need to keep the series fresh so girls will read them. They've come out with new series since then, so it's ok. I guess. Man, check out that cover on the right. Very dated.


  1. Love the rob Thomas pic. I totally would have thought he wrote it. I might have to try that book and the two ghost ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great list! I will totally admit that I never read The Princess Diaries because I assumed it was similar enough to the movie that I didn't need to. lol. I will rectify this now that I know!

    My Top Ten

  3. I've always wondered why they got rid of books--but I guess it will always be "out with the old, make room for the new". I actually read "wait till Helen comes" and I agree, it is a great ghost story. -nicely done today. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. I read The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore (the lol "updated" version--the girls went to Christina's room to listen to CDs) last month. I've always loved Jean Lowry Nixon. AND Lois Duncan, as well.

    Now I have to get a copy of Rats Saw God for myself and my brother. My brother is a HUGE Rob Thomas fan (the Veronica Mars version...not the Matchbox 20 one), and I just love everything he does, too.

  5. LOVE YOUR LIST!! Lois Duncan is awesome... Stranger With my Face & Killing Mr Griffin!!! Amazingly Scary stuff!! Babysitters club of course is a must for anyone who grew up in the late 80's-90's! And of course Meg Cabot is author-god! Love how you have all this older and some lesser-knowns on here :)

    Here's My TTT

  6. I loooooved Rats Saw God as a teen and so did not know that was by the Veronica Mars guy! I just watched that episode the other day and thought it was weird that it was named after the book lol. I need to go get me a copy of it when it gets re-released. And of course, I can't argue with the BSC. :)

  7. Have you ever read the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super-Mysteries? Good stuff!

    My TTT:

    1. YES! Those were great, too. Thanks for reminding me!


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