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I Don't Want to be Crazy

I Don't Want to be Crazy
By Samantha Schutz
Push, 2006
Audience: Older Teens

From Goodreads:
A harrowing, remarkable poetry memoir about one girl's struggle with anxiety disorder.

This is a true story of growing up, breaking down, and coming to grips with a psychological disorder. When Samantha Schutz first left home for college, she was excited by the possibilities -- freedom from parents, freedom from a boyfriend who was reckless with her affections, freedom from the person she was supposed to be. At first, she revelled in the independence ... but as pressures increased , she began to suffer anxiety attacks that would leave her mentally shaken and physically incapacitated. Thus began a hard road of discovery and coping, powerfully rendered in this poetry memoir.

This book was heavy. The author did a fantastic job of describing everything that she was feeling. I could feel it, too. I was so proud of her for getting help, and then taking on the challenge of going to France. Even though it didn't go perfectly for her, most people can't handle that. I was glad that she had understanding friends. It was interesting to see how much she changed from high school graduation to college graduation. I hope things went better for her after that.

This is a good one for people who like tough subjects and in-verse books.