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What do you think?

So this is the second change I've made to my blog. I still am not quite sold on it. What do you think? It's better than brown and pink right?

Be prepared! It might change again.


  1. Yay I think it's cute! Very clean but still colorful. I liked the old design too, but then I'm kind of into polka dots so... But this one is very nice!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I was going for clean. I'm glad you said that! My last one was too busy, and I didn't like my default font, and I found out that my fonts only showed up on my mac, not PC, and they were really cool fonts. So I thought I would just start over. Now I can make a blog button!

    1. Yes a blog button would be cool!! I think I used this tutorial to do mine, but there are tons out there so I'm sure youll be fine :)

      (ignore the pregnancy thing, I have no idea why its called that lol)


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