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Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters
in no particular order

I would have to say that Amy is pretty frustrating. She just doesn't seem to get her guy and she does the stupidest stuff! Lucky for us, because it means a good plot and hilarity.

The mom in Out of the Easy MADE ME SO FREAKING MAD! How dare she treat her daughter that way?! How dare she set her daughter's life up to be that way?! Terrible. Just terrible. There's nothing like a good villain. Great job, Ruta Sepetys!

Oh, Ruby Oliver. She is another person who just doesn't quite get it. I blame it on her anxiety - that could make things harder than it should be for anyone. Even though she is frustrating, her life is so INTERESTING. Great series.
Hi, my name is Bella and I am obsessed with my boyfriend to the point that I will die because of him and in order to be with him. Nothing matters more than him. Enough said? I think so.

I kind of want to shake Fanny Price and tell her to get a life. Rules, formality, blah blah blah. And you seriously want the the guy that was raised in the same house as you, like a brother? Ew. Sorry, Miss Austen. I know she was your favorite, but she is not mine. No offense.

*Spoiler Alert* Her mom tells her NOT TO COME OUT because she knows she will be raped if she does, and the daughter sees the mom being raped and hurt and the daughter JOINS THE MOTHER. The mother went out voluntarily to PROTECT THE DAUGHTER. So the mother did it in vain, because the daughter was disobedient and CAME OUT OF HIDING ANYWAY. She became a victim also. What was she thinking??? I don't understand to this day. Well, I kind of do, but I don't at the same time. You know? It made me really upset. That means Lisa See is a good writer - it affected me as a reader.
She knows her friend is dangerous and scary, but hangs out with her anyway. She's frustrating in a DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT sort of way.

I found pretty almost every character in this book frustrating. Ed, and Ed's girlfriend for putting up with him. He's a tool. Duh. It was well-thought out though.

Bev -  I did not like her. She could've just told him. Seriously.
One of my favorite stories ever though. Road trip!

I understood Corinne was from NYC and had a major life change, but seriously. Lady, you're annoying. Thank goodness for Kitsy. Corinne, you are shallow. You improved in your book, but you are not interesting. It was a great introduction to Broken Spoke though, and I loved the fact that the economy played a major role in the plot. And getting back to your roots -- awesome.


  1. Damn my laptop overheated just when I finished writing my comment.

    I love the commentary of this post LOL I've also got Bella Swan on my Top Ten but I imagine ALOT of people have it on their list. TBH I'm yet to see a Top Ten post that hasn't got her included LOL

    I'm looking forward to reading Simone Elkeles' book and I'm loving the cover of Out of the Easy.

    Angelica @
    Paperback Princess

  2. Ok so I started reading Out of the Easy after I had made my top ten last week. I was too lazy to go back and add the mom. But OH. MY. GOSH. I hate her. Seriously hate her. My feelings about Bev were not quite at dislike, but she did put a bit of a blight on an otherwise fabulous book.

    Deidra @ Simply Books.

  3. Though she doesn't think before acting sometimes, I do love Ruby.


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