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Waiting on Also Known As

 Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Also Known As

I don't know which cover is correct... but I like the one on the left way better!

From Goodreads:
Being a 16-year-old safecracker and active-duty daughter of international spies has its moments, good and bad. Pros: Seeing the world one crime-solving adventure at a time. Having parents with super cool jobs. Cons: Never staying in one place long enough to have friends or a boyfriend. But for Maggie Silver, the biggest perk of all has been avoiding high school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations. Then Maggie and her parents are sent to New York for her first solo assignment, and all of that changes. She'll need to attend a private school, avoid the temptation to hack the school's security system, and befriend one aggravatingly cute Jesse Oliver to gain the essential information she needs to crack the case . . . all while trying not to blow her cover.

Why I am Waiting
Key Words: safecracker, international spies, world, New York, hack, cute


  1. Sounds exciting...and creative. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY WOW POST

  2. I'm so excited for this one! :D And as far as I know, the cover on the left is the one that are on the ARCs, and the one on the right is the cover they are using for finished copies. :)

    Bailey at IB Book Blogging


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