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Project Fairy Tale: The Goose Girl by Gillian Cross

Hosted by The Cheap Reader
This cool idea has bloggers reading the original version of a fairy tale and three retellings. My fairy tale is "The Goose Girl" by the Brothers Grimm.

The Goose Girl
Magic Beans Anthology
By Gillian Cross
Random House Adult Trade Publishing Group, 2011
Audience: Everyone

Source: Nook (

So this was not what I was hoping for - a retelling inspired by the original fairy tale. It was another translation of the fairy tale, basically. Everything was the same except for two things.

First, the king doesn't talk the princess in to telling him the truth. Instead, he has her tell the stove and eavesdrops. I thought since it seemed written for children that maybe the death of the maid would be different, but it wasn't.

Second, the princess receives a handkerchief with three drops of blood on it for protection, not a lock of hair. If I remember correctly, this is what the princess receives in the Shannon Hale version also. I have a feeling that a different translation or version of this fairy tale has a bloody cloth also.

It was interesting to read another version of the fairy tale, not a retelling. I'm glad I stumbled on this one. I was going to read Goose Chase, but when I read the description, I realized that it wasn't a retelling of The Goose Girl. I wanted to be true to the project, but I didn't want to read a picture book, so that is why I chose this story. I think it was better that I read this one, but I still will read Goose Chase someday!