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Project Fairy Tale: The Goose Girl Review (Original)

Hosted by The Cheap Reader
This cool idea has bloggers reading the original version of a fairy tale and three retellings. My fairy tale is "The Goose Girl" by the Brothers Grimm.

The Goose Girl
Grimm's Fairy Tales
JLC & WC Grimm
CRW, 2004
Audience: Everyone

Read my summary here.

So I wasn't familiar with the tale of the Goose Girl at all. I kind of wish I would have had a fairy tale for this project that I knew more about. Still, it was interesting to see how gruesome and sexist the tale was.

So the Goose girl was a princess at first, and she couldn't stand up for herself. If she would have just yelled at the lady-in-waiting, or DID something, she never would have had her horse killed and her own life threatened. I guess it did all turn out all right in the end, and at least she managed to protect herself from the crazy guy who wanted to pull out all of her silver hair. She wasn't completely helpless when you take that into consideration, I guess.

Also, when the king wanted to know what the Goose Girl promised she would never tell (because the lady-in-waiting would kill her) he pestered her until she gave in. (Again, no backbone.) It worked in her favor, though, because the prince heard about what a pushover she was and found that super sexy. Her beauty didn't hurt things either. And what happened to the lady-in-waiting? She was put in a barrel filled with nails and driven around until she died. Lovely. No wonder Disney didn't take this one on.

So what's the moral of the story?
Be beautiful and meek and you'll meet a prince and marry him and live happily ever after.

I kind of hope that the retellings I'm planning to read have a feistier main character. I've heard amazing things about The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale and can't wait to finally read it! I think I'll appreciate it more now that I know the original tale. 


  1. I think one of the main messages is that if you're good and humble, then you'll benefit in the end. The princess could have tried to hurt others or take revenge, but she doesn't. That probably has to do with the era and how women were supposed to behave and all. This is definitely one of my favorite tales!

  2. I like your thoughts! Thanks for sharing :) Being good and humble is important.


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