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Top Ten Funniest Characters

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Funniest Characters

Jessica Darling cracks me up. She has a lot of drama in her life, and I love reading her hilarious thoughts on it.
Amy gets herself in crazy situations. Her actions seem logical to her at the time, but they usually don't work out the way she plans - resulting in a hilarious read.
Derek Badger is stupid. So funny. The end.
I realize that these are adult books, but I read Stephanie Plum as a teen. However, the funniest character in these books is Lula. Hands down, no contest.

You'll find the funniest teenage detective in Bad Kitty.
Ruby Oliver. Nuff Said.
All of the Beauty Queens were hilarious. I can't pick just one.
Anne is good at making mistakes and talks way too much. A hilarious combination.
Mia Thermopolis! The first funny character I encountered in YA. Awesome.
Alice is really good at embarrassing herself, but she tries so hard to get everything right. Unlike some other characters, I'll think she'll get the hang of it.


  1. I really liked Jessica Darling's Character. And you can never go wrong with Mia Thermopiles! Great list :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  2. Ruby is in my TBR pile on my Kindle, and I read Frankie last month. If Ruby is as funny (or funnier) than Frankie, I'll be very happy. :D
    I love Stephanie Plum, too. The series is getting kind of...out there, but I'll still read everything until the series ends, because I have to know if she chooses Ranger or Morelli...she should choose Morelli, but there's just something about Ranger...

    You have some great picks here!

  3. Jessica Darling, Ruby Oliver, Mia Thermopolis!!! LOVE THEM! And they are hilarious! I really liked Rosebush by Michele Jaffe so maybe I'll read Bad Kitty!! It sounds great!
    My TTT

  4. Is that Anne from Green Gables? OMG I love that series LOL

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

    Have a lovely week :D


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