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Including Alice

Including Alice
By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Simon Pulse, 2004
Audience: Older Teens

Source: My Own Bookshelf

From Goodreads:
Is Three a Crowd in the McKinley Household?The day that Alice has been hoping, wishing, and waiting for has finally arrived: Her father and Sylvia Summers are getting married! But Alice soon discovers that having the stepmother of her dreams doesn't necessarily make her life perfect. Suddenly there's another woman sharing the bathroom, and her father and Sylvia are making decisions about her house without consulting her. Sometimes Alice feels like an outsider in her own home.
But at least her father and Sylvia are blissfully happy together, which certainly isn't true of Alice's friends. Everyone seems to be having relationship problems. Elizabeth and Ross never see each other; Leslie and Lori are breaking up; and Pamela and her mother can't even talk to each other. And what's going on with Patrick?Is "Happily Ever After" only in fairy tales?

Boy, a lot happened in this book. Alice got braces, learned to forgive Penny and best of all -- SHE GOT A NEW STEPMOM. Hooray! Finally, Ben and Sylvia tied the knot. I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen. It meant that everyone had to adjust to having another member of the household and family, but they managed. I was never worried about that.

The most interesting part of the book was that Alice can be snarky. She isn't perfect, but usually it's in a stupid-embarassing-mistake sort of way. This time around, she said mean things about Amy and Penny that she immediately wished she could take back. The best part of the Alice series is her strong friendships with other girls, so this showed us a different side of her. I'm glad that she knows it is something that she needs to work on. She tried to fix it, and I think she did a good job.

As far as romance goes, I realize there was enough of that going on with the wedding, but I can't wait to see Alice's next relationship. I hope it's Sam! He seems like good boyfriend material. Elizabeth has a guy that she likes, but he's too far away. Pamela has no prospects from what I can tell, either. I'm hoping that in the next few books the teens get the romance!

I'm so glad to be reading these books again! They're so much fun. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good series. Start at the beginning!