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Nancy Drew: The Bungalow Mystery

The Bungalow Mystery
Carolyn Keene
Applewood Books, 1930
Audience: Everyone

Source: My Own Bookshelf

Once again, I finish a Nancy Drew book that I needed to reread. This story was way more complicated - it involved an orphan, impostors, and embezzlement. I had a hard time understanding how the bungalow fit in to the story, but it made sense at the end of the book. There were new characters and different places in this one. Overall, it was good, but not as awesome as the first two.

In the older stories, Nancy's mysteries always tie together with Mr. Drew's cases. I like that. I don't remember it being that way in the newer books that I had read - only sometimes.

You know, in the big picture, Nancy can do everything. You know who that reminds me of? Barbie. She can do anything too, but Nancy is so much more interesting. She has red hair and normal body proportions and is a way better role model in my opinion. Am I crazy for thinking this?

Chloroform Count: 0
Nancy's Injuries: Gets caught in a bad storm, locked in a room, her dad gets knocked out
Ned Appearances: 0
Bess Appearances: 0
George Appearances: 0