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Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock
By Carolyn Keene
Applewood Books, 1930
Audience: Everyone

Source: My Own Bookshelf

Did you know that Carolyn Keene isn't a real person? Do you know how upset I was when I learned that? I couldn't believe it. The books have different authors and one creator. It did explain why I absolutely LOVED some books and others were duds.

My favorite Nancy Drew series was The Nancy Drew Files. It featured a more modern Nancy. A VERY close second was the Nancy Drew On Campus series. I wish I had collected that set. They were so good, and there were only 25 of them. I'm sure they're all out of print now, but maybe someday I'll find some good used copies.

I saw a box set of the original series at work one day, and decided it was time to re-read some of the originals. Sadly, that was at least two Christmases ago, but now I finally found time. I used to read the original series at my grandma's house. The pages were yellow and dusty, but they were so good. They were special too, because my mom wisely said I should leave them there and read them only when I was at my grandma's. They turned out to be my aunts' books anyway.

Obviously, Nancy Drew is important to me. She could do EVERYTHING. I was so jealous of her ability to solve crimes. On top of that, she had a good relationship with her father and Hannah, two awesome friends, and Ned. I wanted to be her. It's always fun to read about a strong female lead, and she was written so long ago! Fantastic.

Reading this as an adult was different but still enjoyable. A lot of things seemed very convenient, which worked in Nancy's favor and made it easier for her to solve the case. I was so disappointed when she didn't get knocked out or chloroformed. It seemed that she suffered one of the two in almost every book. If she didn't, someone around her did. However, she did get locked in a closet by some very scary thieves.

Naturally she solved the case and everyone (that deserved to) lived happily every after.

If I remember correctly, Ned comes around in book #7. Bess and George weren't in this story. I'm looking forward to reading the first book that has them in it.


  1. This is the first ever Nancy Drew right?? Very cool that you are rereading them. I would like to do that too sometime... maybe I'll get lucky and find a set at a garage sale this summer :) My mom loved ND as a child so those book are like all mother-daughtery reading bonding memories for me!!

    1. Yup! It is. How fun :) I hope you do find some!

  2. In my publishing class while I was in college we compared the original publication of this book to the newer one. It was really interesting to see what the editors decided to change. This was also when I learned that Nancy Drew is written by many people. I hope you enjoy reading these! I was never a huge Nancy Drew fan but after reading this book for class I could see why someone would be!

    Love your blog. New GFC follower!

    1. Thanks for following! I think I need to track down a copy of the original text. I heard that things are a lot different! That must have been a really interesting class.


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