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Reviewers' Roundtable 2: Balance

Rachel from Rachel Reads (Saturdays)
Emily from Read Your Bookcase (Fridays)
Michelle from here at Pink Polka Dot Book Blog (Thursdays)


Say it with me... "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Balance. The thing women crave most in life.
We juggle work, families, friends, cleaning, volunteering and more.
So when we women decide to add another scoop to the ice cream cone of life, things can get pretty crazy.

So here are my thoughts on balancing blogging life.

Because... *cough* I currently am about a month ahead on my blog.

Please don't throw things at me!

I guarantee I will get behind around summer and the holidays again. Pinky swear!

Emily's Steps to Blogging Peace:
1. No pressure - I started this blog because I wanted to enter challenges that would get me to *drumroll* Read My Bookcase. I have gotten better at this, but it has not happened. Yet. I've gotten BETTER. Unfortunately, I want to blog about NEW stuff, not dusty old tomes that have been sitting on my shelf let's not say. 

I write this blog for me. I want to keep track of what I have read and have somewhere that I can look back and see what I thought of a book - which brings me to #2.

2. Read what you want - The theme, in general, of Read Your Bookcase is teen novels. Unfortunately, my bookcase consists of a wide variety of stories. So I created a new feature: Adults Read This Blog, Too! BOOM. Now it fits. I added this in because I found that I felt like I HAD to read my teen books, and I had no time for anything else, which turned reading into WORK.

Eck. Who wants that?

3. Read when you can - Speaking of work, that's when I get the most reading done. I spend a lot of time with my loved ones and teach Junior Achievement and tutor Spanish. I found that if I read on my lunch break, I can make a good dent in a book. Also, I decided that reading a new book before bed is a Bad Plan. I would get frustrated that I didn't read far enough and I would forget everything by morning. So that's when I squeeze in books that I loved so much, I want to reread them.

4. Write fast - I hate grammatical errors. However, I know that I've made many in the history of this blog. That's because I write my reviews while listening to music or TV or movies... I multitask. This goes back to #1. I'm not going to be a perfect blogger, so as long as I get my reviews written, I'm happy.

5. Adjust Expectations - I think a lot of this has to do with comparing myself to others. Some fantastic bloggers out there have AMAZING reviews and tons of giveaways and participate in pretty much every blog hop they can. I can't keep up with all of that, I've found. So I don't compare my blog with theirs. I tried it, but I decided that I should only do that on special occasions. Also, followers -- Yeah, I only have 170. Who's counting? Other people have ten times that but you know... I don't like attention anyway. I guess. Sigh. I'll get big numbers someday, but until then, I'm going to focus on blog quality instead of follower quantity.

What do YOU guys think? What's your advice? Got any tips for me and my blogging buddies?
If you do, please share!
We're all dying to know!


  1. A MONTH AHEAD!!! ok you know I'm jealous! I can't ever get ahead on my reading, that's my main thing. Also there are so many awesome blogs out there (including yours!) and I think I need to go with your #5 tip and adjust my expectations sometimes! I stress myself out that my blog isn't as good as I want it to be, but I'm trying to improve it and I just need to be happy with reading and writing and meeting ppl like you :)


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