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By Michele Vail
Harlequin Teen, 2012
Audience: All Teens

Source: NetGalley

From Goodreads:
Molly Bartolucci wants to blend in, date hottie Rick and keep her zombie-raising abilities on the down-low. Then the god Anubis chooses her to become a reaper—and she accidentally undoes the work of another reaper, Rath. Within days, she's shipped off to the Nekyia Academy, an elite boarding school that trains the best necromancers in the world. And her personal reaping tutor? Rath. 

Life at Nekyia has its plusses. Molly has her own personal ghoul, for one. Rick follows her there out of the blue, for another...except, there's something a little off about him. When students at the academy start to die and Rath disappears, Molly starts to wonder if anything is as it seems. Only one thing is certain—-Molly's got an undeadly knack for finding trouble....

I loved the world that Michele Vail created. It was so interesting! Zombies were a part of everyday life, and they were sort of mummy-ish. Unfortunately, I think the author assumed we knew more about Egyptology than what I actually did. I felt like I should have been taking notes because I forgot a lot of the information we were given at the beginning, and we weren't reminded of the facts throughout the book. I wish we would have gotten to learn more about Molly's world, but she got sent off to boarding school because, it turns out, she's super important. The boarding school part was fun, too, but I wish I would have gotten to see more of the Zombie business her family owned.

Also, I was glad that romance didn't figure into the book too much, because her "boyfriend" -- well something weird happened there. I felt like I knew Molly well and understood her, but none of the other characters seemed very real to me. The answer to the mystery at the academy was WAY too obvious, and it made me think Molly was pretty dumb. The final action sequence fell kind of flat for me. I think it could have been more exciting.

Overall, I liked reading about a strong heroine who was learning to kick butt. She didn't get overly wrapped up in boys, either. That was nice for a change. Also, there wasn't much of a love triangle, even though this was a paranormal romance. Refreshing.

Also, I'm excited that I found a book that starts with a "U" for my A-Z challenge! Bonus.