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Discussion: Negative Reviews

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Naturally, I'm an enthusiastic person. Really, I am. I am very positive and like mostly everything.
So when I have a negative review, I struggle.

I know what I like, so I very rarely run into a book that I just can't handle.

Sometimes, I WANT to give a negative review, but just can't. I look past the things that I didn't like, and find something good to say. Sometimes people are good storytellers, but aren't very good at writing their ideas down, and that's the problem. So it isn't really BAD overall, so why be mean? Why focus on the one part that you didn't like? It's not fair to the author.

I also think it's not fair to just skip reviewing the ones that you think are bad. That's not honest, either.
If I don't review something I've read, it's because it doesn't fit my blog format. (Usually, I only review graphic novels if they are for teens specifically.)

But what's the point of ONLY being SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT EVERYTHING?!?!

It's annoying and it's not honest.

So I try and share my honest reactions and thoughts without being unnecessarily mean. Just because something isn't right for me doesn't mean that no one out there will like it. Always be respectful.

What do you guys think? If you don't like something, do you just not review it? How do YOU feel about giving negative reviews?


  1. I think a lot of people skip reviewing books they don't like. Not everyone obviously, but definitely more people than I thought. I like reading positive and negative reviews. I want to know what people didn't like so I'll know if it's something I can live with or not. Plus negative reviews are sometimes really entertaining :)

  2. I still review books whether I didn't like them. I think there is absolutely no problem writing a negative review because you're giving feedback to the author/publisher and that will help them with their future books. Also with negative reviews, you're helping others choose whether they should have that book as their next read or to put them aside for now. The only thing that is unacceptable is if the review contains bashing about the book or the author.

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