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Readers' Roundtable: Hype

Rachel from Rachel Reads (Saturdays)
Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Book Blog (Thursdays) 


How does hype affect your reading?

Well, for me, usually it doesn't. 

What happens with me when a book is hyped, is that I think, "Oh, that book is important. People will be asking for it and I should know what it's about." So then I put it on my Goodreads and put a hold on it, and never read it (especially if it's an adult title.) Or sometimes I buy it and it gets dusty on my already-full bookcase.

Basically, I need to be interested in it on my own. I am pretty good at having my own opinions. Sometimes I hear good things about a book and am disappointed in it, but I don't think that good reviews are quite the same as hype. Usually, hype doesn't affect my opinions and reactions to stories (from what I can tell, anyway.) I just feel guilty for not reading them, because books are my job.

I can't think of many times when hype has affected by reading, but here's one example: EVERY BLOG for teen girls LOVES Anna and the French Kiss. I put it on my TBR pile before it came out, and didn't read it until last year because everyone was talking about how AMAZING IT WAS. And they were right. I wish I would have read it right away.

But there are SO MANY BOOKS and how was I supposed to know that it was that PERFECT!?! In the end, it worked out that I waited because I read Lola in a DAY after finishing Anna. A DAY. I haven't done that as a grown-up. Sigh. The hype did give me the kick that I needed to actually pick it up. And once I did, I didn't put it down.

When it comes to hype, I am usually the one "hyping" the book, because I am a very enthusiastic person who works in a library. Why do you think I started this blog? So I could SHARE!

What do you think about hype? Has it ruined books for you? Made you discover an amazing one, like Anna or Lola? Do you have any recommendations for me? I'm curious!

Let's discuss!


  1. I'm happy to see you are the one hyping the books you love. Thats awesome!! I would totally recommend to you My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick... its in the same realm as Anna, I think. Anyway as a side note, your posts aren't coming up on my blogger dashboard thingy... I wonder why?? When I click on your name it says your last post was 3 weeks ago :(

  2. Huh! Thanks for telling me. Maybe that's why I'm not getting many comments... I checked all of my settings and nothing is set to private or anything... This requires more investigation!

    1. I just checked and its still saying your last post was top ten unread titles in my bookcase... is it just my GFC thats messed up or are your new posts not going through on everyones?


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