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The Reviewers' Roundtable: Reviews

Rachel from Rachel Reads (Saturdays)

Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Book Blog (Thursdays)

What kind of reviews do you write?
What kind of reviews do you read?

I don't really write a review; it's more of a reaction than anything. I have noticed that I tend to write about how a book makes me feel. I've tried making myself write about the characters and setting and such, but that only works if I feel strongly about them. I try not to force it anymore.

They tend to be short. Personally, I think people are more likely to read them if they're short and honest.

I feel like my reviews would be more academic and, well, better if I would include spoilers. If I did that, then I would have to put *SPOILER ALERT* everywhere, and that makes me feel stupid.

I like to read reviews that are short and kind. If someone just rants about how horrible something is without backing it up, I ignore it and move on. It doesn't feel real to me. It's not that hard to politely say something wasn't for you, and if you feel that way, you should be able to back it up.

Also, I like reviews that are about the types of books that I like to read myself. Usually, I'm not looking for something new. I want to see what other people thought about books that I'm already interested in.

What do YOU think?
Have any advice on how I can make my reviews better?
What kind of reviews do YOU like to read?


  1. I like to read short reviews... and sometimes books that I want to read, but mostly ones I've already read. I like the idea of a reivew as a reaction, that's a good way of putting it :)


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