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A Masque of Infamy Blog Tour

A Masque of Infamy
By Kelly Dessaint
Phony Lid Books, 2013
Audience: Old Teens

Source: E-Galley

From Goodreads:
After moving from Los Angeles to small town Alabama in 1987 with his father, his younger brother and Rick, a friend of the family, Louis tries to fit in at the local high school, but the Bible-thumpers and the rednecks don’t take too kindly to his outlandish wardrobe and burgeoning punk attitude. At home, he defies the sadistic intentions of Rick, who rules the household with an iron fist. As Louis begins to lose all hope, he stumbles upon indisputable proof that will free him and his brother from Rick’s tyranny. But just when he thinks his troubles are over, he’s locked up in the adolescent ward of a mental hospital, where he must fight the red tape of the system to realize his dream of being a punk rocker.

Kelly Dessaint definitely had a story to tell. He did a great job writing this book. There were scenes that just broke my heart. No child or teen should have to live that way. He went through a lot in order to change his situation, and I'm glad he shared his story with us. I was happy to see how he turned out in his author blurb, but I would have appreciated an epilogue summing up how he ended up where he is now. Also, I realize this was his story, but it was interwoven with Joey's. I would have really appreciated learning about his fate. I hope everything went well for him, too. 

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