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Author Interview and Book Giveaway: Komal Kant

Book Info:
Falling For Hadie by Komal Kant. CreateSpace. 316 pages. Available as paperback or e-book.
$1.99 on Amazon for Kindle.
$7.89 on Amazon for paperback.
Running away from his old life in New York City, Lincoln Bracks ends up in the small town of Statlen, Iowa. He isn’t interested in making friends or getting to know anyone. He just wants to keep his head down and disappear amongst the crowd. That was the plan anyway, until he meets Hadie Swinton.
Nursing a broken heart and the realization that the boy she’s loved her entire life isn’t Prince Charming, Hadie is set against ever falling for the same type of guy again. But when new boy, Lincoln, arrives in town, she discovers that this is easier said than done. Hadie assumes that Lincoln is a typical arrogant jock—he is good-looking, confident and charming—but when he doesn’t do anything she expects him to, she is intrigued by him against her better judgment.
There is definitely more to Lincoln than just a pretty face, but Lincoln is hiding something that he doesn’t want anybody to discover because when they do, they will never look at him the same again. Falling in love was the last thing Lincoln wanted to do, so how will he convince himself to fall out of it?
Recommended for mature readers aged 17+ due to language and sexual content.

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Interview With the Author

 photo 22_zpsf3c1087c.jpg1.     Describe Falling For Hadie in one word. Why that word?

Emotional. I was aiming to make people really feel something with the story, and I think that’s what I did.

2.     Do you remember the exact moment when you started writing the novel? What was your initial inspiration?

I started planning the novel out while I was still writing the first book in the series, Impossible. My initial inspiration came from one of the side characters in Impossible who I was going to name Hadie. I was like, “A girl with a name as unusual as that deserves her own story.” So that’s what I did.

3.     Which character do you identify with the most?

That’s a tough one. I think there is a bit of me in each of the main characters, but I find myself really identifying with Eddie. I’m the friend who is always giving motivational speeches and holding things together. But I’m also like Hadie in the sense that I can get rambly.

4.     Which was your favorite scene to write?

Favourite scene, favourite scene…that would have to be the epilogue chapter. I think it gave me a chance to say everything I wanted to say about the book, about the characters, and also about life in general.

5.     What can we expect from your writing in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

I always have upcoming projects! Characters never stop talking to me. I have an upcoming release in the With Me series titled Wrong Side of Town. Beyond that, I will probably release a YA Paranormal, Runaway Mortal, and a stand-alone Contemporary, Echoes of Melody.

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Komal Kant is the author of IMPOSSIBLE, FALLING FOR HADIE, and the upcoming WRONG SIDE OF TOWN. She currently lives in Sydney, but wishes she lived all over the world. You can tell she is weird because her days are filled with talking to imaginary characters and trying to justify choosing Stefan over Damon.

Komal talks too much, laughs too loud, sings out-of-tune, and generally says inappropriate things at appropriate times. She is not-in-a-creepy-way obsessed with blood and gore, so The Walking Dead is probably her favourite show at the moment. She is overly enthusiastic about video games, Spiderman, Batman films, Byronic heroes, horror movies, baking, and pretty shoes.