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Readers' Roundtable: I didn't like that popular book...

Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Book Blog (Thursdays)

Emily from Read Your Bookcase (Fridays)
AND.... our newest member Emily from Emily's Crammed Bookshelf (Mondays)

Welcome to the other Emily! 

So everyone's read that one title and LOVED it, but you? Not so much.

 We had to read this one for school. Everyone loved it but me. I am so not outdoorsy. There's a reason my blog is about books. And when he's making things to help him survive -- I would never be able to do that, and it's impossible for me to imagine what the author is describing. I am glad it's so popular and that people liked a required reading book, but there weren't any girls in it! What fun is that?

I honestly have only liked one Nicholas Sparks book - Safe Haven. It had more substance to it. Usually, I read his books because I like to guess who is going to die. Usually, I am right. Sad, I know. But true. It's good for teens who are starting to read adult books, though.

Ok, calm down.
This was a decent book. I liked it. I just didn't LOVE it like everyone else did. I'm glad I read it, but it was mostly about stuff that I already knew and it didn't really strike me in any way. It was well done. I think it's a good YA book for adults to read.

I don't even remember why I disliked this one. That's bad. I just remember that I couldn't bring myself to finish it. It seems like everyone else LOVES it though. I think it's one that I should probably give a second chance.

Oh, Twilight.
I was the first of my friends to read it. This meant that I couldn't discuss it with them. I couldn't stop reading it but it made me so MAD! I couldn't believe Bella. I had such strong feelings about it that I wrote a rant in the last few blank pages of my book. (Good thing it was one that I bought.) Once my friends got around to reading it, I had calmed down a bit, which was good, because then I could discuss it like a normal person.

It did get a lot of people to read teen, and for that, I applaud Stephenie Meyer.

What about you? What books were you not as excited about as other readers? Leave a comment!


  1. Stargirl!!! Yeah I didn't like it either. I read it because it seemed like everyone loved it... and then she was just so weird that I couldn't take the book seriously. And the guy in the book never manned up and danced with her and that pissed me off.

    Twilight is Twilight... it sucks IMO. Terrible writing, terrible portrayal of women... just blah! I'm glad it got people reading like you said, but I hated it!

    And Hatchet! It was the first book about a boy that I remember liking. We had to read it in 6th grade and I remember being amazed that one kid could figure out how to hunt and make fire and all that. But I can see why some people would not be into it. It was super outdoorsy and boyish. But there aren't enough boy books IMO so I'm glad they at least have this :)

    Cool post!! Sorry if this was too much like the Hype post.

    1. I don't think it was. I had fun picking out titles, because usually I just talk about what seems like the same books over and over. This was different!


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