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Reviewers Roundtable: Top Three YA Authors

The Reviewers:

Top Three YA Authors

Ok, we're back to discussing, HOORAY!
Unfortunately, our table is more of a line right now, because one blogger couldn't participate anymore. She will be missed!

My Top YA Authors:

A.S. King doesn't get enough credit. Her stories are amazing and she is such a talented writer. Her books contain true teen literature and I think they will be classics.

Meg Cabot is the queen of teen novels. She writes faster than anyone, which is good because I read them just as fast. Her books are the reason that I am addicted to teen books. Her blog is also entertaining, but she's slowed down on her posts, which is a shame. She's on this list because she gets teens to pick up books. Not every book needs to be hardcore literature. Sometimes you need something fun and different, and Meg Cabot provides that. 

If Meg Cabot is fun and A.S. King is literature, Sarah Dessen is the author that you can relate to. Her stories are about real-life situations that most girls have to deal with, too. Topics deal with relationships, family and change. She also really gets teens to read. Her books always have a hold list on them at my library. 

Who are your top three teen authors?


  1. Love your 3! Meg Cabot makes me laugh, AS King makes me cry, and Sarah Dessen is the backbone of what YA is today IMO. I need to read more A.S. King cause some of her books that I haven't read yet look awesome.


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