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Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

 Basically, all Charles Dickens is super intimidating. I feel like I should read it, but it sounds so difficult.

 This was a depressing movie, but I really want to read the book in order to appreciate the story. But really. Depressing.

People talk about Jane Eyre as much as they do Pride and Prejudice, so naturally, I should read it. But...

It's long. And about vampires. I think?

I have been reading this book for two years now. That about sums it up.

 I've heard this one is good, but mostly I've heard it's crazy hard to read.

This one is intimidating because I don't want it to be over. I just... can't. And I know that he has spin-off series now, but I don't want to!

I've been reading this for a year and a half. I know what is coming and I just can't bring myself to read it.
I feel like I should read in Spanish to keep my skills sharp... but it's hard.
This is kinda the same thing as Jane Eyre.

What books are intimidating to you? 
Do we have any in common?
Should I not be intimidated by some of these?
What did I forget?


  1. Percy Jackson! It'll definitely give you some closure :)

  2. All the classics intimidate me. I've tried several of them, even a Charles Dickens, but they take me forever! So I feel your pain on those. I did read most of The Road a few years ago. But it was so dark and depressing and hopeless and everything, I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. Maybe the ending is happy? I'll never know... Great list!

    Here's my TTT.

  3. I read The Road before watching the movie and yeah the movie doesn't do the book justice, it's too bland and takes away everything that makes the story good. I'd read it when you can because it is better than the movie.
    My TTT.

  4. Dickens intimidates me too. I've started Little Dorrit and have only made it 90 pages in the last 6 months! I'll finish it one day! I don't like reading the last book in a series either, especially if it's one of my favourites, I haven't read Percy Jackson yet but hope to soon.

    Ange @ Moonlight Reader


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