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Enjoy a special post by the author of Deceived - Julie Anne Lindsey!

YA, Escapism & Me. By Julie Anne Lindsey

I write lots of stories and I read as if books are my only source of oxygen, but whether I’m reading or writing, I always come back to YA. It’s my drug of choice, my vacation, my calorie-free hot fudge sundae on a steamy summer day. YA is the deal for me.
Why I read it

I read YA because teens make the perfect characters. They’re free of adult bondage, no naptime schedule, diaper changing or putting their child first. Teens are still individual units making decisions for themselves. Just them. Which opens up a whole other world of possibilities. There are no jerky ex-husbands to contend with. No pervy bosses. No double shifts just to keep the electric on. They just ARE. And I love it.

When I open a YA, it’s like sloughing off the drudge of adulthood and grasping onto possibilities. YA characters have a freedom I admire and cling to. They are selfless and righteous. They will give their lives in the name of true love, justice or sometimes to save a stranger. When I read YA, I have renewed hope for the future. Teens are so much more than they are given credit for most days. They are strong, intelligent and resilient. Their lives lie ahead of them. The hope circling over them is intoxicating.

Why I write it
I didn’t discover reading for fun until I was in college. In hindsight, I didn’t know anyone in high school who read and I never heard of any book I *had* to read like Twilight, Hunger Games or Harry Potter. It was a time when books seemed to be for adults or for education. Period. I didn’t understand the joy of stumbling into a fandom and feeling suddenly at home, or the thrill of reading the final page of my favorite trilogy and knowing the heroine was safe, happy and victorious. I missed out on the exhilaration of being a reader. And that sucks.

So, while I write other things, too, I come back to YA often. I hope to write a book that causes a new teen reader to pick it up and give reading for fun a try. I hope to pose a possibility so intriguing they will devour my story and immediately look for more. I think the right book in the right hands is powerful. I believe words are powerful. Words can change your day, change your life, change the world.

I’m eternally grateful for the book that caught my eye, tempted me to read for fun and started a new life for me. I write YA because I want to entice someone else the same way. Some of my closest friends are fictional and I’m okay with that because they’ve taught me a lot. I hope to one day return the favor.