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Readers' Roundtable: Bad Boys

Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Book Blog
Emily from Read Your Bookcase 

Bad Boys

When is it too much?
When is it interesting?

Simone Elkeles knows how to write a bad boy.

So does Megan McCafferty:

And Katie McGarry:

Bad boys are interesting when they move the story forward. They create the problem that needs solving by the end of the book. Who doesn't love to read about forbidden love?

When bad boys are annoying (I have a list): 
1. There is no plot and all the girl does is whine about him.
2. When the girl KNOWS better but goes for him anyway.
3. When he doesn't have a good heart or personality.
4. Adult Romance books (There's a reason I read Teen.)
5. Love triangles - I am so over them.

What do you guys think about Bad Boys?

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  1. OMG I totally forgot about Marcus Fluttie!!! Yes that is a reformed bad boy that I can get down with :) Ughh and I HATE when the girl knows better but just can't help herself. It's getting WAY old. Cool post :) I still need to read Perfect Chemistry... one of these days!!


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