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Teen Talk @ Omaha: Stephanie Perkins

Aggggghhhh! Look at who I met!
That's right - I got to see Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins and Gayle Forman!
I can't believe it either. 
I was SHAKING when they walked in.
I was shocked - they were like REAL PEOPLE. 
I think of authors like characters. You know? I feel like I know them through their words and characters and these are some of the BEST writers in YA today. And these people are such a BIG DEAL to me, I feel like they should be walking around with neon signs over their heads announcing "I AM RAINBOW ROWELL/STEPHANIE PERKINS/GAYLE FORMAN."

But they don't.

Oh gosh. I have so much to say, I will write a separate post on each author.

First up: Stephanie Perkins

Basically, we're twins.
Here's a list of things we have in common:

1. Former Barnes and Noble Booksellers
2. Red Hair
4. She's a former librarian, I am a current librarian
5. We read more books than anyone in our class
6. I like her boots (I assume she also likes her boots that she wore, but she did not mention this specifically)
7. We LOVE Meg Cabot (when she mentioned Meg Cabot I REALLY wanted to clap, but I didn't want to miss what she was saying, so I didn't)

I gushed facts 1 and 4 to her as soon as we walked up to her table.
She was so nice. I got several "Right on"s from her.

I totally teared up several times when she was talking. It started when she read from Anna and the French Kiss and just kept going when she was talking. Being there meant SO MUCH to me. All of the authors found out that I drove (Um, ok, my boyfriend drove) several hours to get there and said, "Thank you for coming." I was like UM NO. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM YOUR HOME WHEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN.

I met my rock stars and I still am pinching myself.

It's my new mission in life to get every single Stephanie Perkins book signed.
I think I'll go re-read Anna and Lola now.

The End.

Next Up: Rainbow Rowell


  1. You lucky duck! You and Stephanie Perkins look so cute!! Too bad you didn't snag Isla and the happily ever after! After reading Fangirl I feel like I
    Must meet Rainbow Rowell!! Must! Can't wait to read your post about her.

    1. I know, right!?! I will patiently wait as long as necessary for Isla because I know it will totally be worth it. Yes, if you have the opportunity, do it! They were all so cool. It's so nice to be surrounded by bookish people :)

  2. REAL people, and totally awesome ones at that, are the authors that graced us with their presence Wednesday night! We're so happy you made the trek to Omaha to meet them, and we look forward to your posts on Rainbow and Gayle too.


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