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Reviewers' Roundtable: Graphic Novels

Emily @ Read Your Bookcase

Graphic Novels

Once upon a time, I didn't have any interest in Graphic Novels. Of course, our library didn't really have any and most good graphic novels that were written in the past weren't appropriate for kids.

Wow, that has changed. I gave a few a chance, and now I really enjoy them. My favorites are the ones that have a story similar to what I would read in a book and great art. Here are some of my favorites. I recommend all of them to new graphic novel readers.
And the best thing about graphic novels -- you can read them in no time, and they're fun to re-read.

By the way, I am seriously disappointed that this didn't win the National Book Award.


  1. I forgot all about that Peanut book. It looks super cute too!

    Are a lot of people checking these out at your library? What ages do you see mostly reading them?

    1. Older elementary or younger teens... and me :)


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