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Reviewers' Roundtable: Polarizing Covers

Emily @ Read Your Bookcase

Polarizing covers - which did you love, which did you hate?




This looks like heaven. I wish I was sitting in this cover.

Cue the Indiana Jones theme music.

I like the vintage look and sense of humor.

Not so sure.

These aren't the best covers for the story, but I am attached to them. I don't really like the new covers, either. They say nothing about the book. I think I'd like something in the middle, please.

These don't fit the Alice books.

What is this about? Mermaids? Seashells? I doubt it.

This doesn't seem very spy-ish, either.

 What do you think? What covers do you like?


  1. Oh I LOVE the Matilda cover too!! It just reminds me of childhood and goodness. I also don't think I care for those Alice covers. They're giving me 90's. I like the cover of Going Rogue (the second Also Known As book), but this first one I don't think I'm into. The lighting is weird and it's making her knees look creepy to me :(

    Cool Post!


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