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More Than This

More Than This
By Patrick Ness
Candlewick Press, 2013
Audience: All Teens
Source: Library

I loved A Monster Calls, so I was really looking forward to reading this one. At the beginning, I liked it. I was dying to know what happened and how Seth got there. All of the characters were interesting and unique. It was refreshing. They had such great personalities! At about page 350, I was really tired of all of the chasing around. For people who like action, this would be perfect. For me, it kind of felt like a dog chasing its tail. I just wanted to see what happened at the end! Well, when I finally got to the end, I did like it. I enjoyed it, it was just a bit long. It ended in a way that set up for a sequel. I’m not sure if I’ll go for the sequel myself. We’ll see.

From Goodreads:
A boy named Seth drowns, desperate and alone in his final moments, losing his life as the pounding sea claims him. But then he wakes. He is naked, thirsty, starving. But alive. How is that possible? He remembers dying, his bones breaking, his skull dashed upon the rocks. So how is he here? And where is this place? It looks like the suburban English town where he lived as a child, before an unthinkable tragedy happened and his family moved to America. But the neighborhood around his old house is overgrown, covered in dust, and completely abandoned. What’s going on? And why is it that whenever he closes his eyes, he falls prey to vivid, agonizing memories that seem more real than the world around him? Seth begins a search for answers, hoping that he might not be alone, that this might not be the hell he fears it to be, that there might be more than just this. . . .