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Reviewers’ Roundtable: Diversity in YA

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Diversity in YA

What bothers me most about diversity in YA is that when it manages to make an appearance, usually there’s something really wrong with the situation - whether it be drugs, homelessness, teen pregnancy or anything else of a dangerous nature. When it’s not something negative, the genre is usually historical fiction. We need more books with diverse characters in positive situations.

I tried to write book list for the library about diverse teens - no negative situations, no historical fiction. It was a short list. To top it all off, when the characters are diverse, they aren’t shown on the cover. Covers are very white. It’s something that is depressing and shameful and should change.

Here are some of my favorite diverse books: 


  1. Thanks for choosing such a great topic this week!! I love that you pointed out that most of the books which feature diversity are either issues books or historical fiction. That is definitely something a librarian would know! And hopefully it will change soon. I really want to read Sean Griswald's Head.... definitely.

  2. It was a cute book! Thanks :) Your posts always make me so proud to be a librarian!


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