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Reviewers’ Roundtable: New Adult

Hosted by Michelle at the Pink Polka Dot Book Blog

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New Adult: The Verdict

I’m not a big New Adult fan. I have tried some of the more popular ones. It seems like the genre is just a sexed-up version of teen books. A lot of my choices weren’t very well-written but a few were good. I won’t pick up a book just because it’s advertised as “New Adult.” I won’t refuse to read them either, if they sound good. I think the reason the genre kind of gets a bad reputation is because they’re aiming at the wrong crowd - the teen crowd - and because a lot of the genre right now is self-published. When an editor doesn’t have a chance to tidy the writing up, it really influences how the book reads. In general, they aren’t for me. Also, I usually don’t review them for this blog - mostly because they’re isn’t much to say about them.

Also, whenever I say “New Adult” I think of adult books that just came out. Can we think of a different name for it, please?

Here are some New Adult books that I liked: 


  1. Where do they put New Adult books in your library?? With YA? Some of it seems a little too steamy for YA. I hate the covers for the Losing It series... I guess that's one of the main reason I've never thought of reading them. And the whole virgin thing. But maybe I'll get over it someday.

    And I'm totally on board with changing the name of New Adult. It does sound like Newly Released Adult Books. It should be called Post-YA or Pre-Adult or something that is too creative for me to come up with!

    1. I think Easy is in YA. So is Abbie Glines (sp?) - I’ve never read her so I don’t know if it’s new adult. Everything else that I’ve seen has been in adult. Yeah, at first I wasn’t too sure about the Losing It series, but they actually had a lot more substance to them than I thought they would.

      I couldn’t think of something better myself either!


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