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Reviewers’ Roundtable: Are There Any Boys Out There?


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Hellloooo? Are there any boys out there?

A lot of guys read YA! I feel like the stories tend to get a bit stereotypical, though (like romances for girls?) Books aimed at guys either seem to be only about the action. At my library, I think a lot of them are reading graphic novels and manga.

Winger was the exception to that - I felt like it had a really strong story and really strong characters. Definitely one I need to buy!

Here are some of my other favorite guy books:


  1. Ohhh I like your list!! Winger!! Loved that book!! I still need to read that AS King book. Is the m/c a male in that one?? I've been on a male m/c kick for a little while now :) I feel like when I go to B&N and the lib I only ever see girls looking in the YA section. Where are the freaking guy readers at??


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