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Self-Inflicted Wounds

Self-Inflicted Wounds
By Aisha Tyler
It Books, 2013
Audience: Adults, Older Teens
Source: Library

What audience could possibly understand epic humiliation more than teens??? As I teen, I was constantly embarrassed. Some of Aisha Tyler’s moments take the cake. I think teens would love to laugh with her at her awkwardness. I know I did.

Two stories, back-to-back, reduced me to an adolescent giggling fit in the break room at work. Not my best professional moment. But if it can do that to a grown up lady (even though I don’t feel like one) I think teenagers would really enjoy it.

You don’t need to be familiar with Aisha Tyler to enjoy this book, but if she looks familiar to you, she’s that girl from Friends.

From Goodreads:
Here, Aisha Tyler, comedian, actress, cohost of CBS's The Talk, star ofArcher, and creator of the top-ranked podcast Girl on Guy, serves up a spectacular collection of her own self-inflicted wounds. From almost setting herself on fire, to vomiting on a boy she liked, to getting drunk and sleeping through the SATs, to going into crushing debt to pay for college and then throwing away her degree to become a comedian, Aisha's life has been a series of spectacularly epic fails. And she's got the scars to prove it. Literally.
Through it all, Aisha's triumphs haven't come in spite of the failures, butbecause of them. Because with every failure comes a lesson learned, a strength revealed, a fear overcome, or an adventure braved. Self-Inflicted Wounds isn't just about surviving failure. It's about embracing failure—pursuing it, even—on the winding path to success. And after you've failed a time or three, hopefully you'll have learned something. Or at the very least have a really killer story. Because to err is human, but to fail epically is hilarious.