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Reviewers’ Roundtable: Book Storage

Hosted by Michelle at Pink Polka Dot Book Blog


Read Your Bookcase

Book Storage

Let’s talk about how many books I have! It’s bad, people. Bad. Normally I don’t talk about it, but my friends asked after I had a margarita (I’m a lightweight.) So, I told them. I’m not going to give the specific number here based on their reactions!

But they did ask, “Where do you keep them all???”

Well, I have 3 bookcases in my living room, one half bookcase in my bedroom, 1 storage tote under my bed and 6-8 totes or crates in my closet. Oh yeah, I forgot about the shelf in my dining area.

Yikes, right???

Hence, the title of this blog.


  1. I want to know the number!!! LOL!!! 6-8 totes in your closet!?!?!? Wow you do have a problem :) It's a great problem to have though!

    1. Yes... I have been doing much better since Jan 1 though. I have a new strategy that appears to be working!

  2. Oh my! That's a lot. I don't think mine is that bad. I only have one bookcase... and then a dozen or so boxes all over the house.


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